About Marlene’s new novel – Stolen Obsession

Horses grazing in the fallStolen Obsession book cover

A Fatal Stolen Obsession …

An art appraiser in Manhattan specializing in Persian antiquities, twenty-eight-year-old ANNALISSE DRURY uncovers a Stolen Obsession at the 2003 Zavos Gallery grand opening. A sixteenth-century gold horse-head necklace from a collection of three pieces—necklace, bracelet, and ring—cursed by the dynasty Shah Ismail until their return to the Iranian empire.

Alongside her fiancé, ALEC ZAVOS, owner of the renown Brookehaven Stables in upstate New York, she vacations on the island of Crete to celebrate their engagement. Annalisse’s race begins. To convince her reluctant future mother-in-law to dispose of the necklace or face certain demise, as a string of thieves who want it—swarm.

While aboard the Zavos family yacht, Annalisse is thrust into a universe of 21st century pirates, liars, and spies, throughout two hemispheres—to bargain for the life of Alec’s mother. But personal blame burdens her on several fronts. Annalisse is forced into an impossible choice: leave Alec for New York and rescue her only living relative from forced asylum, or save Mrs. Zavos from her captors without him. As secrets about herself brew under the surface—her decisions threaten to rip her existence apart—

Marlene M. Bell’s suspense/thriller, Stolen Obsession, is in its final editing stages. Watch for news on the publishing timeline by signing up for her newsletter. Stolen Obsession is book one of a series.

Stolen Obsession Book Cover