Writer of Suspense/Thriller Stolen Obsession and Author of Among the Sheep

Author Marlene Bell

A published author and novelist, Marlene is the owner of Ewephoric, a BBB A+ sheep gifts company, founded in 1985. Her operation is based near Holly Lake Ranch in East TX.

Among the Sheep

Her 368 page memoir, Among the Sheep, offers an unusual collection of her life history before and after incorporating sheep, along with a selection of written works on the subject of care and breeding of sheep. She and her husband, Gregg, have raised breeding stock Horned Dorsets together for over thirty-five years. Marlene is considered one of the foremost experts in this field of livestock and writes on the subject often.

Marlene’s latest work is a work is a suspense/thriller- STOLEN OBSESSION in its final editing stages prior to publication.

Stolen Obsession

STOLEN OBSESSION is the first book of the series and will be available in e-book format as well as in paperback/hardcopy. The book trailer for STOLEN OBSESSION—Book One, is found on the Books section of the website. For additional news on Marlene’s upcoming novels subscribe to her newsletter.

Her sheep gifts site, www.texassheep.com has been an internet presence since 1998 with a specialty market client base of thousands. Over 200 pieces of her artwork on merchandise are featured in our shopping area, as well as Sheep Tips and an Ask The Vet section where visitors may ask their large animal questions to renown veterinarian, Mylon E. Filkins.

In addition, she is a self-taught artist and photographer accumulating multiple awards, and published photos on the covers of national magazines. Sheep! Magazine, The Shepherd, Ranch and Rural Magazine and Range Magazine to name a few, have all included her sheep related articles and photographs.

Marlene is a wife and co-shepherd of their flock of thirty-five Horned Dorset Sheep, Maremma guard dog, Tia, and four cats, Leo, Hollywood, Squeaks and Grayman.